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  • Jester Hairston had a role in the 1936 movie, "The Green Pastures".

  • Jester at Tufts University

    Jester Hairston at Tufts University in 1972.

  • Jester Conducting 1950s

    Jester Hairston with Dimitri Tiomkin, circa 1950s

  • Jester's Star

    Jester Hairston's star on the north side of the 6200 block of Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

  • Jester conducting at an Ann Harbor church

    Jester conducting at an Ann Harbor church

  • The Shenley Four

    The Shenley Four - Jester Hairston (far right)

  • World Sings 1991

    Jester conducting at World Sings in 1991

  • Jester Hairston

    Jester Hairston

  • Jester Hairston conducting on Robert Schuller's "Hour of Power" TV show